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Robbert Murray & Associates - Top Recruitment Agency Dubai


Here at Robbert Murray, we have an unwavering commitment to providing the best quality services to our clientele. This same dedication and commitment has made us arguably the leading recruitment agency for Engineering (Energy, Marine, Oil & Gas, Automation & Aerospace), FMCG, IT, and Retail in Dubai.

Talent Search

With our highly stringent talent search and recruitment process, we guarantee our customers the best professional selections, the most qualified personnel to meet the needs of your company.

As an internationally renowned job consultancy company, we have established ourselves as a significant presence in the industry, which is a factor in helping us grow as one of the leading recruitment agencies in UAE. We can connect with you with the top brass of multinational companies, wherever they are located around the world.
We have developed a comprehensive world-wide recruitment network, with facilities located in different regions across the globe, putting us in perfect position to help companies connect with the most appropriate, best-equipped professionals to meet their needs. We can help with connecting the most suitable professionals with temporary assignments in multination companies. We are also able to perform contract hiring responsibilities for corporate purposes.

With our resources, expertise and experience in the field, we are highly qualified to aid government and semi-government agencies in finding the most capable, most suitable candidates for employment.

In addition to helping with the recruitment process, we are also capable of handling payroll responsibilities for multinational companies. Our diverse portfolio of services allows us to supplement corporations with sufficient back-end support to help smooth and expedite operations, regardless of business size.

Benefits of Partnering with a Recruitment Agency Dubai Companies Have Grown to Trust

Do you need to supplement the recruitment efforts of your human resources department? Are you having trouble finding suitable talent for a position that has just opened up? Without the necessary network and connections, recruitment can be a terribly long-winded and costly ordeal for any company.
If you are looking to boost your recruitment efforts today, call on the services of one of the top recruitment agencies in Dubai Robert Murray. With our expertise, you can take advantage of the following benefits:
Save Time
As one of the most trusted recruitment agencies in the region, we understand the time-bound nature of the process. As such, we have established a comprehensive network that expedites the talent search process. With us, you will find the perfect professional for the job in terms of technical knowledge and social competence.
Stringent Screening Based on Expertise
We have recruitment specialists who dedicate their time, energy, and effort to the intensive task of finding the most qualified professionals in terms of experience and technical expertise. As a result, we are able to screen all the candidates according to their qualification for the job, taking into consideration salary expectations, industry experience, and technical competence
Getting the Most Suitable Candidate
A faulty recruitment process can lead to the employment of unqualified personnel, which can have an adverse effect on business in the long run. If you work with the top recruitment agency in UAE, we will help you prevent the recruitment of unsuitable professionals and establish strong employee retention.
Expedited Hiring Process
Partnering with our recruitment agency will make the hiring process easier for your company in the long run, especially when it comes to sourcing talent for key positions in the company. If you choose to work with us on a consistent basis, we will be able to build a recruitment profile for your company based on your recruitment preferences. With this profile, the search for professionals will be made simpler and more efficient.
What our clients say
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  • Robbert Murray & Associates have a streamlined process ranging from screening to reference checks, provided clear structure and a framework to guide our organization in developing a comprehensive, thorough business plan in an extremely short period of time.

    Mohammed Al Baloushi - HR Dept Govt Entity
  • Their experience in reference checking on high standards across the globe have had immeasurable impact that lead us to pick the right talent for our organization. Highly recommended.

    Samantha - HR Dept Dubai
  • Use Robbert Murray & Associates if you need experts in strategy and organization development. They are one of the top headhunters and I highly recommend their talent and integrity.

    Mohammad Raeem Assaf - Talent Acquisition Middle East
  • The Robbert Murray team always does a great job of finding us the right team member to our needs. They were just terrific with great follow up and communication throughout the screening process and beyond.

    Klaudio Farhara
  • Robbert Murray is one of the most reliable recruitment agencies in Dubai and has been very helpful in getting my recruitment processes set-up. The staff is very flexible and have been able to provide me with the exact support that I need.

    Brian Haber
  • I would have no hesitation recommending Robbert Murray & Associates and in fact I will make sure I do as and when we need their services. Your team exceeded expectations and I would say you are one of the best Dubai recruitment agencies.

    Jeff Alderman - HR Manager with an MNC
  • We were delighted with all of the team efforts that you have provided, and we know that they have left a lasting impression on everyone in the team. A huge thank you for your professionalism and hard work.

    Andy Brell - CEO with an Oil & Gas
  • The planning and strategies of Robbert Murray & Associates in executive search were detailed and professional. The job has been a resounding success.

    Amitabh - Regional HR Manager IT Industry
  • A very positive experience with Robbert Murray & Associates. I was very impressed with your employee selection process, your professionalism and willingness to help us find a right team member for our company.

    Jason Brown - South Africa
  • Fantastic service by Robbert Murray & Associates! You make it easy for us to ensure that we have the right talent to grow our business. Very professional, very helpful and the process is really fast.

    Chresten -VP Global Operations

Why Choose Robbert Murray Services?

The Robbert Murray team of recruitment professionals guarantees the success of the executive search. We rank among the most qualified and experienced headhunters Dubai, which is why our customers are greatly satisfied with our employee selection process.

We are one of the specialized engineering recruitment agencies in Dubai but we can also help you find the perfect candidate for every executive position. We'll look for professionals both locally and globally, making sure that you have access to the top talent in the field.

The Robbert Murray professionals will always take the time to learn about a client before initiating the executive recruitment process. We get a really good idea about the client's needs and business values. Such a personalized approach results in the best professional suggestions and a simplified hiring process.

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