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Paul Russell rightly said,
"Development can help great people be even better – but if I had a dollar to spend, I'd spend 70 cents getting the right person in the door." As companies grow, they face more complex recruitment challenges.

Robbert Murray is the leading boutique executive search agency in Dubai. With offices and associations in four continents, we are a worldwide agency offering first class international recruitment services capable of attracting the very best talent to your organization.

Our international presence and coverage is our strongest point. We have the ability to back the international development of our clients' ventures by providing them access to the most expedient candidates across the world. The in-house team at Robbert Murray and Associates, offers expert knowledge through domestic and global market network.

Our international presence and research offers prospective employers, an unprejudiced look at the top executive search firms by offering resources, ideas and rankings as a guide to help them choose the best firm for executive needs.

Our Culture

The basis of our culture is commitment to exceptional service. We understand the fact that international recruitment as well as emiratisation recruitment can have more impact-on a company's success - and on an individual's career than any other business decision. We are completely attentive on finding the right recruitment method for a particular organization. We follow a "can do" approach and we are capable of finding a way to add value at every part of the recruitment process.

Our Objectives

Our main goal is to transform organizations and in turn touch the lives of the clients we serve, by adding substantial value to the international leadership and executive search industry.

Our Team

While a single person can cause the failure of a project, the right individual will ensure its success. That's why we've put together a talented team of professionals, each uniquely skilled in his or her vertical, including recruitment, visa processing, executive search, staffing solutions, executive search, and localized headhunters in Dubai, giving us the benefit of each person's years of experience in their field.

The result is a dynamic, talented team capable of understanding what you need on an individual level, so that we can use their experience and ideas to creatively put together unique strategies for specific company and corporate requirements. When you talk to our team, we listen, we offer suggestions, and we work with you to create the best strategic approach for your needs.

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What We Do
Robbert Murray offers you a wide range of services in the area of professional recruitments and HR management while putting our experience and know-how for the success of your company. Some of our major services include:-

Executive level talent searches locally and globally

C-level talent searches

Conducting interviews and pre-screening tests

Complete payroll solutions for permanent and temporary staff like cashiers, promoters, accountants on temp assignments

Holding corporate interviews and recruitment fairs in hotels.

Executive-level talent searches

Generating staffing teams for start-up operations for Europe clients in Mena & Asia

Subcontracting offshore and onshore team with the help of our strategic partner networks

Processing Visa and related documents

Creation of reference checks

Contract Hiring
We also offer contract hiring services through which we provide engineering, technical and exhibition staff on contract basis for peak overload. We understand the fact that contract hiring addresses project hiring needs, business cycles and manpower peaks. Through our contract hiring services, we give our clients, the flexibility to hire the type of talent they want when they need for both long term and short term job profiles.
We also provide customized trainings on evolving technologies and governance tips. We provide business training in the fields of personality development, situational leadership and basics of Information technology.
Emiratization is a government initiative in UAE through which citizens are employed in public and private sectors with the help of a well-organized process. However, public sectors of UAE countries like Dubai are lagging behind with citizens representing only 0.34% of private sector workforce. Robbert Murray has extensive recruitment experience in the UAE and our Emiratisation consultants have skills and experience in finding roles for UAE nationals. As experienced Emiratization experts, we advise our clients on recruitment strategies and provide guidance on engaging nationals in private sectors.
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Why Choose Us
Our reach
With offices and associations in four continents, including Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and Europe, we have unique widespread reach that allows us to attract talent from some of the top corporations around the world. Our long-standing position as one of the best Dubai recruitment agencies has allowed us to build an extensive network of business relationships across the globe, affording us the ability to easily source talent from nearly anywhere. We do not rely on job search databases but instead have built our own, meaning that we can provide you with prospective candidates you would not find elsewhere.
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Our Approach
Robbert Murray's roots in management consulting enable us to bring a unique approach to recruitment method. We are dedicated to finding the best talent available to meet the given needs of any project. When we receive an assignment, we do more than simply begin an executive search. We take the time to learn about the client so that we understand their requirements, needs, and their company so that we can take the best approach for the corporation. Rather than offering standard staffing solutions, we think outside of the box to help find our clients the candidates they need. Our job is to find great talent.
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Our Process
As a boutique search agency, we stand out from the crowd of Dubai recruitment agencies because we offer bespoke, tailor-made staffing solutions to our clients. Our hands on approach means that our associates take the time learn about the company, the team, and the company’s requirements, and then use this information to find the right talent for the job.
Our process begins with our tailored acquisition methods, including headhunting, advertising, and global networking within our business contacts and associations. We search for individuals who shine in their current field in order to create a talent pool of potential candidates. However, we don't stop there. Once our talent pool is complete, we shortlist the most promising of the group to send to our clients, so that you only get the best.
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